Rapid Fire Acceleration Team



How To Get Your AIOP
Pay-It-Forward Capture Page and Campaign ID



Buy at least 1 PIF Gift Ticket.
Here's How: Watch Video



You're now ready to Promote your new

AIOP - Pay-It-Forward
Capture Page (email follow-up included).




    Hi (New member's Name)

    My name is 'Frank Lefebre' & I'm one of (Your name) upline               members.

    To help get you off to a good start, here is some information              page the team has put together.

    These will help you get started, and tell you what to do next.

    If anything isn't clear, please let me know.

    To The Top
    ( Your name )


"Done-For-You" Marketing System 

With 3 Lead Capture Pages


NOTE ===> If you want to PIF 

Change the First Autoresponder email to...

   Hi [[fixfirstname]],


   CONGRATULATIONS!    I'm Paying For Your First 30 Days...

   (PIF) Pay-It-Forward


   Welcome to the PIF-AIOP RFT-Acceleration Team!

   Together we can make this happen!


   Go right now to my e-Gift Certificate page and

   get your PIF code:




   From there you can click the Join Now button to 

   join my AIOP team. Use the code on the payment page!


   * Be sure you see my name [[uname]] ([[user]])

   listed as your sponsor on the signup form.

   On the AIOP payment page, you scroll down to the bottom and

   find the PIF box where you can place the PIF code we gave you.


   You can purchase codes for your 4 people under

   Referrals / Pif Tickets. You will find the link to your

   e-Gift Certificate page there. 


   Here is where you get your Done-For-You marketing

   funnel just like the one that brought you here!




   * Be sure to purchase at least one PIF Ticket

   before you advertise your lead capture page.


   ** If you cannot find an e-Certificate code they

   may be SOLD OUT! Email me A.S.A.P. and I

   will find a team member who is waiting for you!


   Let me know if you have any questions... 


   Looking forward to our mutual success!





   Note: If you fail to respond to your sponsor's message he/she

   has the right to withhold the link 48 hours later 

    and send it to the next person who likes to join our team.


   P.S. You can STOP at 4.. or keep going, it's up to you!

   You can also now transfer codes to your referrals! Be

   sure you follow the instructions closely if you do this.




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